Library Programs

All programs 45-60 minutes

Firecracker Dragon
Magical, interactive tales about dragons, magic pots, mysterious paintings and riddles allow children to dream big, as they create rain sounds, suggest objects for a magical pot or guess a riddle.    

Tales of Asia and the Pacific Islands
Folktales from China and  Hawaii (or just from China).  Good year-round, and especially suitable for Chinese New Year; Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month; and other Asian holidays or celebrations. 

Cuentos del Mundo – Stories of the World
Bilingual program of Latin American tales told in Spanish-English  

Scared Silly  
Fun and not-too-scary stories, suitable for families and young school age children.

Hungry Ghosts  
Supernatural tales from China, Mexico and the United States, suitable for 11 years and older.

One World of Many People 
A magical journey around the globe through a delightful mix of stories from the peoples of China/Asia, Latin America, Africa and Native America

Jungle Jam!
Stories from the jungles of the world

Growing up Chinese-Cuban-American
Program of personal stories for a grown-up audience 

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Craft Workshops:  All supplies included.  Max.: 20-25 participants

KNOT It!   2 hours                                                                           See bracelets made by tweens & teens 
In this Young Adult hands-on workshop, tweens and  teens learn one to two macramé knots and  get to make a custom-sized hemp bracelet that’s fun, easy-to-do and great to show off!  Most suitable for ages 11 and older – for Young Adults only.

BEAD It! Workshop I   1 hour                                       See beaded projects made in libraries  
It’s fun to be creative & express yourself with colorful beads!  Kids get to make their choice of either a beaded bookmark or a jeans/backpack dangle.  Suitable for ages 8 and older, including tweens and teens  


BEAD It! Workshop II  1 hour                                  
Participants get to make either an elastic bracelet or an adjustable necklace. Suitable for ages 8 and older, including tweens and teens. 

Magical Charm Bag
1 hour                              See charm bag projects

For centuries, people around the world—from Native Americans to Ninjas—have carried small amulet bags to hold their favorite or lucky charms for protection and good luck.  Now kids and young adults can make their own magical charm bag to hold favored trinkets for smooth sailing in their lives!  Suitable for ages 8 and older.

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop (NEW!)  1 hour     Available May 1, 2012

Telling Chinese Calligraphy story at the Getty

Kids (and even parents, too!) quickly learn to recognize and read Chinese characters as they are introduced through two brief stories.  Then they learn to write the characters, after an explanation and demonstration of the strokes and stroke order.  In just an hour, they will learn 22 to 24 basic Chinese characters…It’s easy and fun!


 What librarians say about my craft workshops